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Happy New Year

It is 2013! There are so many exciting new things waiting on the horizon, I feel like I’m about to jump out of my skin. Waiting in the New Year on a mountaintop, with a glass of bubbly, overlooking the greater... Read The Rest →

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Snowed in

Back in Helsinki to finish my final class obligations, I woke up unsuspectingly this morning. When I tried opening my front door it was struck and I had to put my back into it. Once I got it open I realized... Read The Rest →

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Jakaranda city

Just after a Highveld thunderstorm I revel in the beauty of this city with its purple flowers and wide-open vistas. It’s good to be back in Pretoria, South Africa my hometown.

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Finnish summer cottage

Spent the weekend with our Finnish friends at their summer cottage. What a wonderful experience. Sleep, eat, sauna, eat, sleep… and so forth (: And there are blueberries any- and everywhere you lay your eyes on the forest under brush. This... Read The Rest →

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Visiting Norway

Spent the last two weeks in a camper van with 5 friends/family exploring the Norwegian and some Scandinavian roads. It was epic! It was also grueling and tiring and elating all at the same time. The camper was a great idea,... Read The Rest →

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West coast

A quick hello from the bridge (: Have spent the last two weeks travelling around the west coast and it was great to see all of the iconic cities and experience the non-televised versions of American life. Today we are heading... Read The Rest →