NYC in a day

With our time in NYC coming to an end, we are nostalgically trying to fit in everything we have not done yet. Bought a Tourist day pass, and decided to get the absolute most out of the time and money we spent. With some careful planning we decided that we could visit at least 11 of the tourist attractions available on the extensive offering list.

We started with a visit to MOMA, we then went for a tour through Radio City, then up to the Top of the Rock for some exquisite views. Needing some sustenance by now we stopped of on 6th ave to have chicken over rice before hitting the museums. First stop was the Metropolitan museum of art, then the American Natural History museum and then the Guggenheim.

After a quick visit to Madame Tussauds’ treasures, we went of to the river to see the insides of the Intrepid and for a very quick spin around the Statue of Liberty of the Beast. With an hour to relax we headed off to the pier and signed up for a leisurely sunset Tall-ship sailing cruise around New York Harbour. Then it was off to the Empire State building for a midnight viewing of the City that never sleeps. Completely wiped but it was worth every moment!

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