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Happy New Year

It is 2013! There are so many exciting new things waiting on the horizon, I feel like I’m about to jump out of my skin. Waiting in the New Year on a mountaintop, with a glass of bubbly, overlooking the greater Cape Town area seemed fitting, and so beautiful. The mountain is situated on the DelVera wine farm in Stellenbosch, and the hike starts from their cellars.

Snowed in

Back in Helsinki to finish my final class obligations, I woke up unsuspectingly this morning. When I tried opening my front door it was struck and I had to put my back into it. Once I got it open I realized why. There had been so much snowfall last night that I was surrounded by big white mountains of powdery, crunchy white snow. Walked to school in knee-deep crunchiness and just had to share this surreal experience. I grew up in South Africa and we definitely do not get snowed... Read The Rest →

Jakaranda city

Just after a Highveld thunderstorm I revel in the beauty of this city with its purple flowers and wide-open vistas. It’s good to be back in Pretoria, South Africa my hometown.

Finnish summer cottage

Spent the weekend with our Finnish friends at their summer cottage. What a wonderful experience. Sleep, eat, sauna, eat, sleep… and so forth (: And there are blueberries any- and everywhere you lay your eyes on the forest under brush. This is the way to have a relaxing summer weekend, with lots of sun, water and captivating company. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Visiting Norway

Spent the last two weeks in a camper van with 5 friends/family exploring the Norwegian and some Scandinavian roads. It was epic! It was also grueling and tiring and elating all at the same time. The camper was a great idea, however we did not even begin to image the narrow and windy roads we would have to take on, and they never stopped winding. Also got introduced to a glacier in Jostedalsbreen. This is the largest glacier on mainland Europe, covering an area of 487 square kilometres. Spent three... Read The Rest →

West coast

A quick hello from the bridge (: Have spent the last two weeks travelling around the west coast and it was great to see all of the iconic cities and experience the non-televised versions of American life. Today we are heading to San Francisco to meet up with some dear old friends.

NYC in a day

With our time in NYC coming to an end, we are nostalgically trying to fit in everything we have not done yet. Bought a Tourist day pass, and decided to get the absolute most out of the time and money we spent. With some careful planning we decided that we could visit at least 11 of the tourist attractions available on the extensive offering list. We started with a visit to MOMA, we then went for a tour through Radio City, then up to the Top of the Rock for... Read The Rest →

Rain jacket

Trying to keep busy I have invented a daring drawing project. Adding patterns to my plain white rain jacket I am hoping to spruce it up a bit. Only time will tell whether this experiment will be worth it.

Learning letterpress

Designedforgrace went logo designing in the letterpress studio last night, and it was so much fun. Even though we only produced a welcoming card each, it is definitely something to be experimented with again (: