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This project incorporates the spirit of the city through the use of visuals and sound. Sounds are live recordings by citizens mixed with modern/culturally relevant visuals to form a sensory identity and experience of the city’s personality.

The brief: to use the words: anger, empty and public to firstly investigate the characteristics of the city and in turn present the findings. Thereafter the second part was added, convey the heart of the city using a diptych poster medium.

Two concepts become apparent, the first one respresents the silence of nature, of the city, of the ocean and the snow landscapes in the winter. But also of the culture, where Finnish people are stereotyped to be quiet in most situations. The second that of public noise, trains pulling into stations, busses going past, dogs barking on a daily walk. Moreover, especially of the nightlife and strong heavy metal tradition that Finland seem to keep in high regard.


© Concept and development → Gracè Schutte + Mari Mäkiö + Juuso Noronkoski + Henri Paltemaa + Peter Iwanetzki
© Intellectual property → Aalto University School of Art and Design