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Human Colour

I can remember thinking that the colour of the crayon did not match my skin colour. Did that mean that I am not a human

A book designed as a political commentary on interracial South Africa after the abolishment of segregation. Investigating the creation of a new personal identity in post-apartheid South Africa.

Menskleur is the name of the colour crayon used in the public schools to imitate the colour of Caucasian human skin. Human-colour specifically relates to the life story of one young man who grew up in the midst of the violence and turbulence of apartheid South Africa.

Through a series of visual and written commentaries we are taken on a journey to emphatically understand the way we judge people by the colour of their skin, and in essence the book by its cover.

Pig skin cover, printed on coated 80grm stock; 210mm x 210mm, stitch bound book

© Photography, layout and typography → Gracè Schutte
© Intellectual property → University of Pretoria