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Culturally sensitive graphic design explorations

MA Thesis work for Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture; Helsinki, Finland.

With a global village that is growing and a world that is getting smaller it becomes evermore important for graphic designers to successfully cross cultural borders, yet this is easier said than done.

As a case study, this practical work probes into how visual communication can be used to change the perspective of a community, using co-design as one of the working methodologies. After extensive research it has become clear that South African children do not perceive education to have a high value. I aim to change this perception using visual communication. The target market is the community of Mabopane, South Africa situated in a rural area 50km outside the capital city.

stop motion sing along song.

© Theoretical work → Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture + Gracè Schutte
© Stopmotion → Gracè Schutte
© Photography → Irmela Kellermann + Martin Kellermann